Aba's 2017

Stories Dec 31, 2017

★ Walked into Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel with sweaty T-shirt + bottom + muddy slippers at midnight and then into Pettah police station at 2 am on the same day
★ Camped on 31st night next to a graveyard, on the most beautiful beach of Sri Lanka, on the island furthest away from mainland!
★ 7,000 km of motorbike, boat, train, bus, ferry, jeep, rosa, bicycle... in sixty days - Best summer of my life with Bhanuka, Yan Lam and team! bit.ly/AbaBestSummer
★ Roller Coaster Week: bit.ly/AbaRollerCoaster2017
★ Got caught in traffic police and lost my licence for #nothing
★ Three of the best dept trips: Kithulgala, Jaffna and the Mega Trip to Nuwara Eliya
★ Motorbike tours in Mullaitivu (war tourism) with Siva Abis & Ruchira
★ Hitchhiked to Sripada in a lorry with Assad at midnight to take a single photo!
★ Cycling trips in Anuradhapura twice!
★ Three motorbike tours + 1 dept tour + 1 with EPs in Jaffna, visited Delft thrice
★ Hanguranketha Pseudo-Camping with #Mattis bit.ly/HanguAba2017
★ Group Dance with CK, Praga, Darukeesan and gang in Abhina
★ Conducted Robotics workshops for over 20 schools and 160 students with Janaka, Ashwin, Chinthana, Praga and others...
★ Co-Founded Kavigai Foundation with Thanujan, Bavatharny & Praga
★ District Coordinator for Island level model A/L Exams #MoraExams with Aynkaran, Sajjad, Uzama, Akmal
★ Wired 8 homes in Deltota with #SwitchOff4
★ Started working with some of the biggest hotels and Miththapala in tourism industry of Sri Lanka.
★ Started giving tuition classes
★ 10 days of heaven and three months of hell!
★ First time of many MANY things!! ;-)
★ Favorite Grandpa passed away... :-(
★ Got and lost a dream phone #Nexus5X
★ Gained so many friends, lost a few... :-( Learnt a lot!
★ Gained the most unbelievable EPIC story of any university student! #TwoHourTale #Love, #War, #Friendship, #Betrayal, #Thugs, #LifeThreats
★ Built a battlebot for 5000 rs with Chinthana, Praga
★ Learnt PHP, CSS, HTML from scratch and built a web based donation system within 7 days with Chinthana, Rashmin, Mayuka, Iresha
★ Read Thousand Splendid Suns, Kite Runner, A Road from Elephant Pass, Half Girlfriend, Short Stories of RK Narayan, with Sachini

You know you are on the right track when each year is EXPONENTIALLY better than the last! Thanks everyone for making my 2017 unbelievably awesome!!

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