Aba's 2018

Stories Dec 31, 2018
  • Asked out a girl for the first time and got respectfully  rejected.
  • Started the year in a tent sandwiched between a graveyard and the most beautiful beach in Sri Lanka, with Pramod Bhanuka, Lashini, Chinthana Eranga and Sunimali.
  • Nine boys & girls crammed in a 3-person tent, cooking on a campfire with three umbrellas under heavy rain... One of the best camping trips ever with Pramod Bhanuka, Lashini, Sachini, Hasindu at Madulsima...
  • Road trip to Minneriya, Polonnaruwa safari with elephants and stay at a two story mud-hotel surrounded by wild elephants with Pramitha, Randima, Matheesha, Chinthani, Jayan and more. Got a legendary reputation for alcohol capacity... :-P
  • Spent half the year in the first world.
  • Six months of internship under the supervision of great people such as Dr. Navinda and Nick, and with some of the friendliest and most helpful people I’ve ever met: Micheal, Caio…
  • Jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, and survived.
  • 5 camping trips,  11 BBQs and uncountable other trips...
  • Learnt swimming 50%
  • Started working out, thanks to Pubudu and Samith
  • Went from zero to twenty push ups at once
  • Got a “Fail” for the first time in University (and second time in life)
  • Got drunk for the first time in life and decided not to drink again.
  • Formed the most amazing team ever, purely by chance: Chinthana, Rukshan, Tehara . The FPGA project will remain something I’d remember fondly after ages!
  • Late night (and middle of the day) conversations about the future of humanity with Hiran and Samith
  • Solitary cycling around Brisbane, connecting to the soul of the city…
  • Temporary Instructor for Robotics in UoM, my teaching got official. :-P
  • Lost passport in the world’s best airport.
  • One day around Singapore (not looking forward to go back)
  • Played Dungeons and Dragons for the first time, thanks to Dec Winterton and Lina.
  • Gained amazing friends in Australia and had a great time with them: Daniel, Faris, Catalina, Axel, Kai, Evelyn, Mikaël, Omar, and Fritz
  • Read: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, And the Mountains Echoed, Girl with Dragon Tattoo, Roald Dahl Short Stories, thanks to Sachini and Merl Chandana

It was an amazing year, on par with 2016 and 2017. On retrospect, it wasn’t as crazy as 2017, that’s only because 2017 was beyond-Hollywood-level crazy and action packed ( bit.ly/aba-2017 ). Thanks everyone for such a wonderful 2018!

Fingers crossed for the next round around the sun!


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