Webinars: Modern C++ & Embedded

Teaching May 18, 2021

Following the success of SystemVerilog session, my friend and fellow junior lecturer Kithmin and few others got together to organize another Missing Semester series, for ROS. When that succeded beyond expectations, Kithmin, myself and Dr. Subodha joined hands with few final years students for Missing Semester 3: Embedded Systems

I taught Modern C++ (11+), its features and best practices. We then extended that series into a formal certificate course through University of Moratuwa, and then into a wider, but shallower course for youngsters: Kickstarter on Embedded Systems

In each of these series, I gave the introduction talk. I touched on product development as well. The audience greatly enjoyed my stories on history of electronics and original skunkworks (nighthawk, blackbird aeroplane design tradeoffs).