English Skills: Pride & Prejudice

Thoughts Jun 6, 2021

Learning English is not about pride, it's just another language. I learnt it out of necessity since I was too shy to speak in Sinhala from Grade 7-ALs. But as an international language, English brings a lot of opportunities to get exposure.​

By the way, being fluent in English doesn't mean you have to let go of your first language. In my experience, my bilingual friends (and I) read a lot in both languages, watch good cinema in both languages and have an excellent grasp of the grammar and vocabulary of their native language as well. If your kid grows up speaking English only, the fault is yours, not of the kid or English. ​

To add to the list, you get to learn that:​​

  • Romans had complex cities and an empire spanning Europe with drainage systems when Vijaya was landing in Sri Lanka (6th century BC). They even kept records of what happened in their courts from that time.​​
  • Roman roads, designed as multi-layered, built in 300 BC are still being used. Around that time, Byzantium had multi-story apartment complexes which were rented.​​
  • When Aryans were settling in Ganges valley (3000-4000 BC), Egypt and Indus valley had complex civilizations that were trading over the ocean. Egypt, Assyria and all had houses well planned and built for average citizens.

So yeah, Sri Lanka is neither the oldest nor the greatest civilization in the world. But we have a rich history of multiple cultures. We need to preserve that and do actual historical research, rather than boasting about legends. Meanwhile, we can appreciate other cultures and civilizations that are similarly great as well.

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