Islandwide Mora Exams

Community Work Jun 30, 2016

This year, the 7th annual islandwide model examinations for GCE A/L is being conducted in 20 districts entirely by the students of E15, E16 batches, under the supervision of E14 batch (Nishanthan anna...) of Tamil Union of UoM. Papers are set by prestigious teachers of Jaffna, printed there itself, packed and distributed to 20 districts throughout the island.

District coordinators (also students) collect these papers, conduct examinations in the predefined centers of the district at the right time, collect the answer sheets and send them back to Jaffna.

In Jaffna, the E16 batch students aid in correcting all these papers, with Pirathapan and Pakiyarajah Darukeesan in charge, working overnight to release the results: marks and islandwide rankings of thousands of candidates within few weeks.

KANDY: As the initiative of the E14 batch, this is the first time exams are being conducted in Kandy, with Nawalapitiya Kathiresan as the exam center. Guneshan anna, myself, Askar Ali and our juniors Akmal & Uzama are indebted to our friends Chuhaashanan, Jarsigan, Mageswaran Parasuram & Vinu who have come all the way from Jaffna to aid us. In the exam centers, we could see several girls who have com with their parents, travelling 3 hours up and down to the center every day for our exams. Inspired by this year's success, next year we hope to conduct exams in multiple centers in the center of the city in a larger scale. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

This is what we in MORA are known for. We take up something impossible, like conducting a full scale islandwide exam, which is a hectic task even for the ministry of education and all by ourselves we make it a success.

If our workload is exhilarating in the districts, I can only imagine the workload in Jaffna, with hundreds of students working 24x7 and thousands of papers moving in and out. On the whole, it is an amazing experience, being part of something big and so impeccably organized.

** Those who need a copy of our model papers, please visit after next week.

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