Komaali Kings - Movie Review

Reviews Jan 31, 2019

The husband of a foreign-settled Sri Lankan family that visits SL, gets kidnapped by a Kotahena gang. Everything goes wrong when his wife refuses to pay the ransom ( they are actually drowning in debt). Meanwhile the husband who was sick of his wife's nagging and fights, happily settles down with the kidnappers.

He starts playing carom, drinking and travelling around, having fun with the gang as if he's in a bachelor's vacation. Watch what happens as the boss of the gang gets impatient, while laughing your asses-off.

I was literally rolling in the seat laughing at the theater. My favorite scene is when they try to shoot a video with him like ISIS does (face covered, sword to the neck). After 45 takes they succeed and sends a 4K video to the family, threatening them. Wife is terrified, but the kids put the video in their school whatsapp group and the white kids go like "Wow! You got your dad kidnapped by ISIS? So cool!"

Fully made in Sri Lanka, actually the cameraman is Sinhalese. The movie is f*king perfect! The music, camera, dialogues, different Tamil dialects... It's super hilarious and in fact better than Indian movies in every possible way!

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Komaali Kings Watch online now | The revival of Sri Lankan Tamil cinema
Komaali Kings | Watch Online | The revival of Sri Lankan Tamil cinema

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