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Travels Aug 15, 2020

India is the foodie's paradise.  Food - both street and posh - from seafood of Kolkata to ganja lassi of Varanasi and dry rotis at a hut in Thar desert... Hunting street food is an experience: the smells, people, walking through alleyways...

This post combines food from my solo backpacking across North India in 2020 and my trip through North-East India in 2019.

Roadside Snacks

Making of Chaat

Street food can be dangerous. I followed my mom's rule of thumb: eat from places where many others were already eating. Those, despite looking dirty, tend to be fresh and tasty af, with a higher turnover of food.​ Like 90% of the food I had in India was from roadside. Just 10% are from bigger restaurants.

Chicken, being cooked by the street. Jaipur


Naan, Chapati, Tandoori Roti, Paratha, Puri

Parathas, curd and coffee... Looks posh, but a tiny place by the street, Udaipur

Dosa, Idly

Roadside shop of Idly and fried Idly


Combo meals of each state

Thali means plate. Each culture in each state present rice and their own kind of curries in a circular platter. Bengali, Rajasthani, Assamese, Meghalaya... there are hundreds of types of Thalis.

Assamese Thali



Hot chai, cold lassi

Making of lassi. Regular lassi, still divine. I was drinking this in every city

Lassi is made by diluting yoghurt, adding spices and toppings. Regular lassi is a cheap, heavenly drink found all across India. Lassi is a cold drink, India is notorious for its bad quality of water. So, if you are health conscious, it could be a problem. I didn't mind, and didn't get seriously sick as well. I carried a pack of Imodium tablets and used them once or twice.

Several flavors (chocolate, nuts, banana) of lassi (sweet yoghurt) in Varanasi.

Chai (tea) is India's lifeblood. You can get tea for about 5 INR (0.067 USD) in a cute little use-and-throw clay pot.


Free Breakfast

From the hotels where I stayed

I stayed mostly in backpackers hostels, for about 100-200 INR per night. Even those provide great, but simple breakfast such as these.


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It has been exactly a year since I solo-backpacked across North India. Here’s an album long overdue. Food - both street and posh - from seafood of Kolkata to ganja lassi of Varanasi and dry rotis at...